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    High customer satisfaction comes from great customer experiences.
    Great customer experiences are delivered by great customer support representatives.
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    Great customer support representatives come from supervisor coaching.
    Great coaching is delivered by CoachCustomerSupport.com

About CoachCustomerSupport

CoachCustomerSupport.com is an online coaching program that will drive CSAT, raise Net Promoter scores and increase first call resolution. CoachCustomerSupport improves call results by focusing the activities and coaching of your supervisors on improving agent customer support skills, making sure every agent has consistent coaching to deliver a great customer experience on every call. CoachCustomerSupport.com provides your Supervisors the customer support skills knowledge, skill development activities and coaching worksheets that will drive improved agent performance. Guaranteed. CoachCustomerSupport.com provides coaching reports to ensure that your Supervisors are spending the time and utilizing resources to coach effectively.

The Program

The CoachCustomerSupport program consists of 5 modules focused on key customer support skills. Skill modules include: Building Trust; Probing; Resolutions; Managing Customer Concerns and De-escalation; and Closing the Call/Adding Value. Each module contains a Skill Reference Guide detailing the skills that the Supervisor and Agent will be focused on coaching and developing. Additionally, each skill module contains an outline of activities including monitoring, role play, agent self-evaluation and skill development activities that the Supervisor will to utilize in coaching their agents. Each skill module also contains a Coaching Worksheet which coincides exactly to the Skill Reference Guide and Support Skills Monitoring form.

Supervisors simply login to CoachCustomerSupport.com and select an agent to coach. CoachCustomerSupport displays which coaching activity was last completed and provides coaching materials and detailed instructions for the next coaching activity. Coaching documents and worksheets can be accessed and completed online, using mobile devices or downloaded and printed. Managers, Supervisors and Agents have access to their completed coaching activities and worksheets that are securely stored online for further coaching, accountability and easy reference.

Skill Reference Guide

Each Reference Guide explains the role and importance of the skill in providing an excellent customer experience, outlines the key points of the support skill, and provides detailed instruction to the agent. The Reference Guide becomes a training tool for the Supervisor when coaching their agents.

Coaching Outline

The Coaching Outline guides the Supervisor through the coaching process and includes monitoring, role play, self-evaluation and skill development activities. The outline serves as the roadmap for each Supervisor as they work to coach their team and improve agent performance. Online tracking and reporting of activities completed in the coaching outline allow for simple management and create Supervisor accountability.

Skill Development Activities

Developing customer support skills require practice. The Coach Customer Support program provides skill development activities for each skill module. Activities include role play, self-evaluation, and worksheet completion activities that serve as a reference for live calls.

Coaching Worksheet

The Coaching Worksheet details the key points of each customer support skill and helps the Supervisor identify and document improvement opportunities while also letting the agent know what they are doing well. Key points on the Coaching Worksheet mirror the key points in Reference Guide and the scoring categories in the Support Skills Monitoring Form.

Why Coach Customer Support?

The best Agents become Supervisors and are replaced by lower producing Agents.

When promoted to Supervisor, the Agent's customer support abilities and skills don't translate into coaching skills and there is lack of training material for new Supervisors to excel their new role - coaching a support team.

With little coaching experience, knowledge or materials to coach support skills, the Supervisor focuses solely on reports, agent behavior and time management items while neglecting coaching.

With a lack of skill development in the agents, only those with natural ability excel. Top agents are then promoted to Supervisor, beginning the cycle all over again. Others agents attrite or continue in mediocrity.

Customer Support Coaching Challenges

1. Employee Production

Employee attrition rates and lost production make classroom training of customer support skills expensive and ineffective.

2. Quality Monitoring

Agents quickly adapt their behavior to manage their Quality scores rather than truly providing an outstanding customer experience.

3. Agent Experience

Agents are trained primarily on products, process and systems. With little or no training on customer support skills, few agents excel and fewer customers receive great service. One bad experience snowballs into lost revenue and reduced future sales.

4. Supervisor Coaching Skills

Coaching is emphasized by management, but Supervisors lack coaching materials and customer support skills knowledge. Without direction and accountability, Supervisors become “feedback agents” rather than true coaches.

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